With a combined experience of almost 20 years working with dogs as well as a post-graduate diploma in clinical animal behaviour, it's fair to say Lewis and Hannah know a little bit about dogs. 

They are full-time dog trainers and behaviour consultants based in Auckland, New Zealand. At the end of 2018 they were having a little chat about dogs (as they do regularly believe it or not) and found themselves repeatedly saying that it would be so much easier and safer for everyone if people would simply just ignore dogs more. 

So after that chat, they put the idea into action and IGNORE MY DOG was born. 

With all this in mind, Lewis and Hannah have been relentlessly trying to pump out as much free information to help both dogs and their owners, as well as the general public. This campaign is aimed at spreading as much up to date information whilst simultaneously educating the public on how to appropriately interact with dogs. 

When working with dogs in public it can become incredibly hard when everybody wants to rush over and pet your dog. Most dogs either tolerate this or simply don't like it. Whilst at the other end of the spectrum, we also need to teach excitable and bouncy pups to ignore people and focus on their handler instead. The IGNORE MY DOG training wear is there to help prevent this happening so you can train your dog with peace of mind that people will leave you both alone. 

The casual wear was later introduced with the help of the incredible designer and dog trainer Tyla Davies from ReThink dog training and behaviour. The info is still there but with a nice casual feel as well. 

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